How secure is Your Secure Cloud?

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Many private customers and businesses already trust Your Secure Cloud to manage and share files and projects through cloud collaboration. The security of the personal information and files trusted to us in our system is our top priority. That’s why we constantly focus on maintaining the reliability and safety of our products, infrastructure, technologies and processes.

We offer an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable online storage application. It is important for us to offer you a trustworthy and reliable service. To make sure that we offer you the security we promise as a service provider at all levels, there are a large number of documents that should provide our employees and customers with information about the procedures by which we store, process and protect your data.

Our data centers

Our servers are exclusively located in German data centers in order to comply with the German data protection conditions. The servers are available at the following companies:

  • Hetzner Online GmbH, Nuermberg, Germany
  • Noris Network AG, Nuermberg, Germany

The facilities are staffed around the clock 24/7 with administrators and technicians as well as security personnel, there are physical and biometric access controls and the latest early detection systems for smoke and fire alarm systems. All network components are constantly monitored by employees of the provider and us.

Access to any system (server systems and applications) is limited to authorized personnel and must be logged in detail. The guaranteed availability is 99% annual average. All servers are owned by Your Secure Cloud GmbH.

Data backup

In our systems all files are stored at least 3 times on hard disks of different manufacturers at the same time in order to be able to offer the maximum security.

Network and system security

Your Secure Cloud uses recognized industry network protection, such as Firewall and router technologies, network intrusion detection and prevention systems, and alert mechanisms that help us detect and prevent malicious traffic and network attacks. Regular internal network security audits and scans give us an overview and are used to quickly detect outdated systems and vulnerabilities.

Regular updates and patch management

Operating systems, software frameworks, and other software used in the Your Secure Cloud infrastructure always receive the latest versions at regular intervals. Whenever a vulnerability in the software of Your Secure Cloud or a zero-day vulnerability is detected, immediate action must be taken to minimize potential risks to our customers.

All security documents can be obtained from us only upon request, stating the address and your full name.

If you have security concerns, please contact our support team at: +49-911 – 70 100 77-0 or via

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